Save The Xserve

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This afternoon I received an email in my inbox from a group of people who had put together a website in a last ditch effort to save the Xserve. While I doubt it’ll have any effect on Apple’s decision to continue their Apple Xserve product line, it’s certainly worth a shot. I know I for one am a fan of the Xserve and would love to see it live on.

My name is Jesse and I’m the IT Manager for a small business with offices in Vancouver and Toronto. Over the years, I’ve managed to get Mac OS X Server machines used as the backbone of our IT infrastructure.

With the announcement by Apple that the XServe is being discontinued, I fear that any serious adoption of OS X Server as an enterprise OS will stall, if not recede entirely. I am personally and professionally frustrated, because while Linux and BSD are close to OS X, but I don’t particularly want to work with other OSes, because I think OS X is just great.

Some of us are starting a grassroots campaign to let Apple know how much they’ve let us down. I doubt it will change their minds, but we aim to try.


- Jesse S

Let’s see if Apple hears the cries of those who enjoy their Xserve. I sure don’t want to try rack mounting the Mac Pro :)