Creating a Subversion Repository on OS X Server

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I often find myself creating subversion repositories on my OS X Server. I’ve actually designated my OS X Server to be my Subversion server since Apple has been kind of enough to include the necessary software right out of the box. This applies to both OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard Server. I also find that each time I find myself going back to this one website which includes instructions on how to get it all working. Rather then write our own guide I figured it would be just as easy to link you all to the site I use instead:

Subversion on OS X Leopard Server

It’s pretty simple to follow, basically you just use the svnadmin command to create the actual repository, then you need to activate a couple modules for Apache via Server Admin, then create a realm, and voila! One thing I do different from the guide, is that I create all my repositories in /usr/local/svn/ instead of /usr/local/. This is really just a personal preference thing, however my main reason is for neatness. I like to keep things organized. You of course can create the repositories where ever you’d like, even in your home folders if that’s your thing!