Macintosh-Admin was an idea conceived by Morgan Aldridge and Jimmy Brancaccio. We wanted a place to post all our adventures we’ve had with Mac OS X Server software and implementing into various setups. Our plan was to share our experiences, good and bad, so that people can learn from us. The entire idea is sharing our knowledge with you, so that you can learn and implement similar solutions yourself!

We invite you to discuss and share your stories, and tips too!


Morgan Aldridge: lives in Vermont and has used Apple computers for a long time. He can be frequently seen with his face buried in his Newton, reading cyberpunk novels, playing with his cats or working at Small Dog Electronics as a network and systems administrator. His personal blog can be found here.

Jimmy Brancaccio: lives in Houston, TX and has been using Apple computers for last 10+ years. He enjoys Japanese comic books, horse back riding, and working with Apple & Linux based servers. His personal blog can be found here.

Keith Clevenger: lives in Massachusetts and is very familiar with Apple computer systems. He holds several Apple certifications. He can be found playing Call of Duty 4 and Gears of War on Xbox LIVE. He also enjoys art and design work. You can find some of his art work here.


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