Swamped by ServicesInformation Errors

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Here was a new one for me. A Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Server file server had been unresponsive to Apple Remote Desktop and wouldn’t display video for about a week. I could still SSH in and the AFP services it hosted were functioning normally, so I left it for a “later” project. Well, this morning I was notified that some of the AFP shares were no longer listed due to a power outage affecting the RAIDs connected to it.

No worries, restarting the AFP service or rebooting should resolve that. Only it didn’t. There was high usage by syslogd and I found tons of the following messages in /var/log/system.log:

Record of type dsRecTypeStandard:Config named ‘ServicesInformation’ already exists in /Local/Default. Trying with new name: ServicesInformation1 Others have run into this before, and it seems to be a corruption of /var/db/dslocal/nodes/Default/config/ServicesInformation.plist. In my case, there was some file system corruption, so I did the following:

  • Booted from another drive w/Disk Utility and SuperDuper!
  • Verified the disk using Disk Utility (which failed.)
  • Backed up the drive with SuperDuper! (Just in case.)
  • Repaired the volume with Disk Utility (successfully.)
  • Booted into Single User Mode.
  • Backed up /var/db/dslocal/nodes/Default/config/ServicesInformation.plist and removed all the extra ServicesInformation*.plist files.
  • Rebooted from the original boot drive.

What I found while fixing this:

  • The ServicesInformation.plist was corrupted and contained text regarding a disk full error, so that’s likely the cause of the corruption.
  • I was able to just delete ServicesInformation.plist and let it regenerate without detrimental effects, but be dubious.