State of the Mac mini

| Comments has posted their 2009 state of the Mac mini, including their test drive and photos (un-boxing & take-apart) of the new Mac mini w/Snow Leopard Server. Interesting tidbits I was unaware of are:

  • The new Mac minis will accept 8GB of RAM and the now-previous ones only need a firmware upgrade to do so.
  • AppleCare covers GUI-based server & network management issues for the Mac mini w/Snow Leopard Server, but “isn’t the case if you buy a Mac mini and Snow Leopard Server separately.”
  • Approximately 70% of their customers use Mac OS X client. I shouldn’t be surprised due the former pricing, but I think the killer combination of Snow Leopard Server only costing $499 for unlimited clients and bundling it with a Mac mini configuration will change all of that.

They also remind the naysayers who complain about lack of additional Ethernet ports “that Apple’s USB Ethernet Adapter works fine on a mini. Just plug it in and you’re set.”

[Via Daring Fireball]