Mac OS X 10.5.5 Server Admin Tools & Apple Remote Desktop 3.2.2

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The past couple of days have seen a number of software updates related to Mac OS X Server, including Mac OS X Server 10.5.5 (combo):

- directory service reliability and authenticating new File Sharing connections
- binding and authentication in Active Directory environments
- editing Wiki content in Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer
- viewing Wikis and Blogs from an iPhone or iPod touch
- searching with Spotlight in the Finder and on the web
- sending ‘Welcome’ email messages to users in Server Preferences
- importing users and working with nested groups in Server Preferences
- randomization of DNS source ports and transaction IDs
- updating DNS information when server IP address changes occur
- hosting DHCP services
- supporting private events in iCal
- synchronizing Portable Home Directories
- enabling Software Update Server
- using SNMPv3 services
- hosting with WebObjects; update to version 5.4.3
- hosting mail services for users with long user names
- preventing mail server database corruption
- ensuring security of LDAP password hashes
- propagating password changes to Open Directory replicas
- creating and editing DNS records in Server Admin
- using System Image Utility to create NetBoot and NetInstall images
- creating augment directory records in Advanced server configuration
- using Managed Preferences when clients are bound to Active Directory
- providing RADIUS authentication to 802.11n-enabled AirPort Base Stations

And, of course, there’s the 10.5.5 Server Admin Tools to go with it:

Server Admin

- Server Admin can now correctly enable and show the status of RADIUS or Kerberos authentication for the PPTP VPN service.
- RADIUS service now reliably displays the primary IP address for 802.11n-enabled AirPort Base Stations.
- Server Admin can now sort by Value in the Zones tab of the DNS service.

System Image Utility

- Fixes issues with certain options in the Apply System Configuration Settings action, including “Change ByHost settings”, “Apply Computer Name and Local Hostname”, and “Map clients to other directory servers”.
- The Add Packages and Post-Install Scripts action now works correctly when creating a NetInstall image from a volume.

Workgroup Manager

- Improves browsing, adding, and removing computers to or from a computer group.

Last, but not least, Apple Remote Desktop Admin and client have been updated to version 3.2.2:

- Improved reliability with the Copy Items command.
- Upgrade Client Software command now uses unicast packets for improved reliability on some networks.
- Fixes to the Force Quit All Applications and Copy Items to Computer Automator actions.

Let us know any success or horror stories you may have related to these updates.