Quick Tip: On Using Server Assistant

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Server Assistant is a wonderful tool that allows OS X Server administrators to install and configure their server(s) remotely. I personally have used the tool multiple times in setting up servers, but not to install OS X Server to a machine.

Finally this past week I got the chance to do it. Despite being incredibly easy to do, there was one drawback that will definitely make me think twice about using it in that fashion again.

It will not allow you to choose which packages to install and which to leave out. Because of this I had to install all 11.4GBs instead of the 5-6GBs that I usually do. I tend to leave out the languages, printer drivers and fonts.

If there’s one thing I hope Apple fixes, it’s being able to select which packages to install and which not to when using Server Assistant to do a remote server install.

Just a heads up for people interested in doing remote OS X Server installs, keep in mind you won’t be able to choose the software that gets installed and make sure you can afford to spend ~11GBs of drive space!